Hello, my Twenties!

I’m all excited about today’s post and you will get to know about it when you start reading.

Did you ever wish to go back to your twenties, the most important epoch of your life?

Do you like fretted instrument that defines and enunciates the personality of a person playing it?

Last, but not the least, are you a binge watcher of Netflix?

Allow me to introduce you to the beautiful series of K-drama. This is one among the K-drama’s that I keep raving about and you can watch it anytime and I can bet that you don’t get bored. My love and passion for K-drama’s started with Strong Girl Bong Sun. Well, this is not the series that I’m going to talk about.

Hello my Twenties is a beautiful K-drama series that is beautifully threaded with a lot of emotions that takes you back to the journey of your twenties. You are going to binge watch, laugh and cry. It takes you to that part of your life journey where you have been naughty, crazy, weird, innocent, childish and mischievous.

The series revolves around five different girls who meet as strangers and live together at the Belle Epoque. Soon, they bond well with each other and fight with all the traumas that they experience in their life. You will also fall in love with every single character and I absolutely adore Song Ji-won who is damn cute and energetic.

I’m not going to reveal much about the story because I want you to watch the series and I promise you really going to enjoy it. You would also love the background music and the songs that are part of the series. I will list all the songs for you.

  1. The Whereabouts Of Love – Maximilian Hecker
  2. On Your Collarbone – Jordan Klassen
  3. 24 hours – Mayu Wakisaka
  4. Offbeat – Clara C
  5. What Up? – Hector Guerra
  6. Mirage Of Bliss (part I) – Maximilian Hecker

You can watch the series on Netflix. Here are a few snipets from the series.

I will back with more reviews about different shows. Till then, tataaaa…


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